Top Free Ways to Speed up Mac

Nothing beats the performance of a new Mac. It loads fast and can perform multiple tasks at a go. However, life becomes frustrating when Mac starts running slow. It would seem to take an eternity for the applications to open and close.

When Mac starts acting up, most people conclude that their beloved device needs a replacement. If you’re one of them, don’t worry.  You can speed up the performance of your Mac through the following ways.

Clean your startup apps

If you noticed your Mac is taking time to startup, it might be because you have too many unnecessary applications trying to load. You can fix it by cleaning up your startup. If you fine turn your startup, you can start using your Mac without waiting for all your apps to load.

To do this, navigate to username account. Then click on “Login Items,” and uncheck the apps that you don’t need when you reboot your Mac. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance the performance of your Mac.

Delete junk files

Clearing computer cache, uninstalling unnecessary apps, deleting duplicate files and unwanted log files and binaries will help speed up the performance of your Mac. Removing these computer junks from your system will increase your Mac’s speed.

After removing trash from your system, you can also defrag your Mac to enhance its speed. Defrag is another term for “cleaning out” your hard drive, and it is a delicate process which may last for a few hours depending on the amount of data on your drive. Defragmentation is an excellent way to boost the performance of your Mac.

Use the Activity Monitor

Mac has an in-built monitoring utility which gives you an insight of those applications that are hogging the RAM and virtual memory. If an app is consuming a huge amount of the virtual memory, it would be best to minimize your usage of the app or get rid of it. Ensure not to download from the internet without a proper view of the item. Downloaded items may contain viruses which can cause damage to your Mac.


There is a wide array of free and useful widgets on the Mac OC dashboard, and you might be tempted to enable a host of them. However, most of these little apps consume a lot of system resources. It is important to know which of those apps are important. For example, if you have weather widget is not really important to you, disable it.


CCleaner is a great tool that helps in cleaning up junks and enhancing the performance of your Mac. With the free version of the software, you can delete applications, large files, caches, duplicates, and unwanted files. However, CCleaner won’t improve your Mac’s performance to an optimum level, but it’s a fair option.

These are the top free ways to speed up your Mac, with these you can clean up your Mac and improve its performance. If you put your Mac to good use, you will never worry about your computer.  You can check this page to find out more about CCleaner for Mac

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