TextMate: HTML Tag Completion

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The HTML bundle in Textmate offers a wide selection of features for formatting, working with tags and previewing within a browser. One of the options that offers great mileage is Insert Open/Close tag with Current Word. If you have been working with TextMate and HTML for any length of time, this tip won onclick=return TrackClick(,javascript%3AlynkVideoPop%28719%2C)t be new. However, if you are new to either, I think you onclick=return TrackClick(,javascript%3AlynkVideoPop%28719%2C)ll find this little trick quite helpful.

The tip is all about working with tags, essentially offering an automated means to insert matching tags and intelligently placing the cursor based on the tag type. Once you get used to using this trick, you onclick=return TrackClick(,javascript%3AlynkVideoPop%28719%2C)ll spend a lot less time trying searching for that unmatched tag in your source, resulting in valid HTML the first time around.

The music in the video is J.J. Cale and the song: Call Me the Breeze.
A longer clip of J.J. Cale jamming:

Click the image to see more about about JJ and the CD (at Amazon)

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