TextMate and Xcode

Ive been spending time getting familiar with Xcode as I learn to write applications in Objective-C, with the larger goal of writing applications for iPhone. My editor of choice on the Mac up to this point, is TextMate, an great all around code editor. Ive written a number of tutorials/tips on TextMate on this blog (check out the TextMate Category for links).

One of the things Ive become quite accustomed to is tabbed based user interfaces. For example, in FireFox I typically have a screenful of open tabs. When working with projects inside of TextMate, you can have multiple source code files open in tabs. Unfortunately, this is not a feature supported in Xcode (that I am aware of).

So, I spent a few minutes poking around at various options and came up with an approach that is far from perfect, yet offers a blend of coding in TextMate and managing compiles/builds in Xcode. Not perfect, however, its working for me.

Click on the image below to learn more.

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