How to Take Screenshots on Mac with Simplest Methods?

From sharing moments of your favorite movies and reporting bugs to tech support to flaunching high scores of your games and sharing conversations on Twitter or Facebook, taking screenshots on Mac is becoming a useful trick for most of us.

As we know, different from Windows OS, Mac keyboard doesn’t provide “Print Screen” button for screenshotting. Thus, how to take a screenshot on your Mac? Fortunately, there are several different and straightforward ways to screenshot on Mac without hassle. Users are allowed either to use commands with keyboard shortcuts, apply default tool Preview or utilize the pre-installed program Grab to take screenshots easily. Each of these methods has the ability to capture screenshots of any area on a Mac like the whole screen, a selected area or a specific window.

Sounds not complicated at all? Whichever method you prefer, we will be more than happy to show you the guide on how to take a screenshot on your Mac.

1. Using Commands

Using Commands may sound a little complicated but this method is no more than a few keyboard shortcuts to remember for taking different kinds of screenshots on your MacBook with ease.

Take a Screenshot of the Entire Screen:Command + Shift + 3;
Take a Screenshot of a Selected Area:Command + Shift + 4;
Take a Screenshot of a Window:Command + Shift + 4 + Space;
Save a Screenshot to the Clipboard:Ctrl key and perform any of the commands including Command + Shift + 4

2. Using Preview

Using commands will save the screenshots on your desktop in .png format with the title Screen Shot + Date + Time. If you want to save screenshots in the file you want, Preview can be a good option.

Head to the menu bar, click “File” and select “Take Screenshot” and there you can choose to take screenshots: “From Selection”, “From Window” and “From Entire Screen”. After that, you are allowed to choose where your screenshots to be saved. More than that, Preview can open the screenshot, letting you make edits.

3. Using Grab

For those who don’t excel in memorizing keyboard shortcuts, Grab can be a solid choice. It comes from Mac built in programs, allowing you to take screenshots from the menu bar directly. Sometimes you may need to set the stage before capturing an image on your display, time-delayed screenshots can help and Grab has the capability to give you a 10-second delay before the screenshot is captured.

Go to the “Utilities” folder which is housed within the Applications folder. Once Grab has been launched, you’ll see the program icon in your dock. Open Grab and you will find that it runs almost entirely from the menu bar without a window.

4. Using Third Party Application

Besides the above options, you can use a third party app for taking screenshots on your Mac. Skitch for Mac is one of the recommendable one. It’s completely free and you don’t need to sign in first. What makes Skitch popular is that it can not only take screenshots on Mac but also offers a list of simple editing features like resizing, cropping and marking up.

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