ScreenSteps Part 1

One aspect of my day job is developer relations for Mojax, an application framework for building mobile applications. Screencasts have been helpful to demonstrate various aspects of the platform and tools.

I currently use iShowU for creating screencasts. This is a great little tool and has pretty much covered all our needs. However, creating screencasts is time consuming, to say the least. In an effort to find something that we can use to crank out step-by-step tutorials in short order, Rodney Aiglstorfer, CTO of Mojax (mFoundry), suggested I give ScreenSteps a look.

ScreenSteps is a slick application. You essentially direct ScreenSteps to capture content and the application manages the flow of images into a series of steps, if you will. You can annotate each step with a title, descriptions and visual queues such as shown in the figure below:

Content can be exported as HTML, PDF, ScreenStepsLive (a hosting service) as well as a blog. I used the HTML and PDF format (see the post on creating dashboard widgets for a closer look).

One of the more intriguing aspects of ScreenSteps, from my perspective, is the ability to export to a blog. Once Ive had the chance to give this a go, Ill let you know how it goes

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