Screencasts with ScreenFlow Part 3

Ive covered some of the basics for working with ScreenFlow in the two previous posts. At this point I want to show you a non-conventional way that I use screencasts on a regular basis. What I am referring to is creating videos that are not meant to live on YouTube or another publicly accessible server, rather, videos that have a very limited lifespan, as in hours.

I often find that a quick screencast is the most efficient means to explain something, from how to install/configuration an application to pointing out a problem spot in a block of code.

For example, in the video that follows I talk through the steps I recently explained to another blogger for inserting code into a php file on a WordPress blog to display a Digg icon. The video is short and to the point.

The same idea holds in the next video, no bells or whistles, just a simple description on how to choose a color using the Color Picker application and use the hex value of the selected color to configure style sheet information in an application.

If you are already familiar with creating screencasts, or would like to give it a go, you owe it to yourself to download a free trial of ScreenFlow.

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