Mac Developer Tips on TV!

NetBeans TV, that is. The short screencast I created on using NetBeans, Ruby and rb-appscript to control scriptable applications on a Mac can now be seen on! If you arent familiar with, it is a popular extension of the site, focused on connecting the people, projects and technologies surrounding NetBeans.

Rob Demmer from the NetBeans team contacted me about posting the video on Im all for spreading the word in the developer community and if the video I created can play even a small part in helping to reach a few more developers or otherwise introduce a new technology to this audience, count me in.

As far as, there are several sections to the site: Interviews, Community, News, Screencasts and On the Road. The last section is quite interesting as it is a video diary of sorts that chronicles the days and nights of two guys traveling around the world meeting NetBeans developers (which sounds like a great job, if you can get it). Its an interesting website, definitely worth a look.

If you would like to watch the video, as it appears on the site, click the image below:

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