Dr Dobbs Article and Mojax

My day job is to lead the developer relations and community building efforts for Mojax, an Ajax framework for writing mobile applications. This type of work is a good fit given Ive been in software development for nearly 20 years, working in roles from software engineering to training, chief architect to principal consultant, along with the fact that I enjoy an outward facing role that offers the chance to get out and talk technology with others.

The primary goal of an evangelist is to create a thriving community around a technology and/or product. One key aspect of this effort is to educate by providing insightful content and tutorials. To that end, I recently wrote an article for Dr. Dobbs that demonstrates how to build a Mojax application that searches for and displays real-estate property information.

The example that I created is built around the web services offered by Zillow.com, which provides a set of interfaces for accessing real-estate property information.

The figure below is a screen shot of the application running on a mobile device emulator. The information shown is from the primary residence of Bill Gates (and just who has the unenviable job of cleaning those 19+ bathrooms?)

Another tool of a developer evangelist is the screencast. If youd like to see some of my work, and learn more about Mojax, you can kill two birds with one stone by following the links below:

And Id be remis if I didnt tell you that I dont really advocate killing birds with stones ūüôā

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