DOMAssistant Bundle

As a huge fan of TextMate and always one on the lookout for new bundles, I want to pass on interesting DOM Assistant bundle developed by Roger Johansson over at 456 Berea Street.

Seems Roger has been using the DOMAssistant JavaScript library written by Robert Nyman, however, he was looking for a more integrated tool for use within TextMate. So, as any entreprising developer would, he wrote his own bundle.

Once installed, the DomAssistant provides a list of options as shown below. I dont spend a great deal of time working with DOM, so I may not be the best judge of the completeness of the bundle, however, from this perspective it looks pretty good.

You can read Rogers post about the DomAssistant here, download the bundle here and it may also be worthwhile to bookmark the Google Code Project. Also, Roger is looking for comments and suggestions, so if you find the bundle helpful and have some ideas, leave Roger a comment.

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