Chronicles of Audio Recording, Editing and Conversion

In modern lifestyle, the need to record, edit or convert an audio can arise every now and then. Although a basic sound recorder and a built-in Mic is available in every phone, laptop or Mac book these days, however, in my opinion, using a good quality Mic along with appropriate tools and utilities can help us achieve much better results for audio recording. I personally use a well-balanced software named “Audacity” for audio recording purposes. It has a lot of options and features available to optimize any sound recording session according to your specific requirements. Recently I was asked to introduce myself in 5 minutes audio recording for a job interview. I casually recorded an introduction by using the built-in sound recorder on my laptop however when I played the .wav file, it had a lot of background noise which superimposed my voice at some of the intervals. I did the next recording with the help of “Audacity”. I only had to select a few options to cater the background noise before starting the recording and as per my expectations; the result was clear and much more effective.

I must admit that audio recording and editing is a tedious job with lots of aspects to consider. Some of these aspects are background noise reduction, bitrate enhancement, special effects as well as tweaking of other parameters to get the desired result. However, it can be made easy if you go about it in a careful and well-planned manner. As discussed earlier, using the right utilities and equipment can enable us to handle the audios like a pro. You can simply add the right flair to your audios by putting a little more effort. If you edit audios on a regular basis it is well worth the effort if you form a routine and stick to it. I use a well-known audio editing software for my editing purposes and its name is Power Sound Editor. It is a freeware that has got all the features that one might need to use while editing an audio file.

Apart from recording and editing I quite often need to convert the audios to make them compatible with my devices. To convert all to MP3 for audio conversion purposes, I use All2MP3 for Mac because it can single-handedly deal with more than 50 audio formats and convert it to the desired format without any obvious quality loss. All2MP3 for Mac is a free software and certainly the winner for me because of its fairly simple and quick interface. It saves me from all the nerdy details by handling them itself for me. You can also see the simplicity and effectiveness of this software from the snapshot of All2MP3 attached here.

Whenever I have to convert an audio file, I just drag and drop it into the specified area of All2MP3, choose the desired output format and voila! On the click of a button, the software converts the file as per given directions.

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